Access Hidden Camera App of Kindle Fire

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is known for its versatility. It can serve the purpose of an e-reader if you want to immerse yourself in blissful reading, at the same time you can enjoy a wide range of content such as entertaining videos, music, and apps when you just want to relax. But a device as versatile as the Kindle Fire HD is not designed to click photos and shoot videos that sound a bit off. So here is a secret that is hidden camera app of kindle fire, Kindle Fire HD also features a discreetly installed camera. You can use it for a variety of purposes typically associated with a regular camera such as taking photos, shooting videos and even capturing panoramic shots. To activate and make the most of this hidden camera app of kindle fire; you can follow a simple process.

If you want to activate your hidden camera, you are at the right place. This blog has comprehensively covered all the details through Amazon Kindle support about how to make the most of the not-so-obvious camera on your Kindle Fire HD. The given method below helps to access the hidden camera app of kindle fire device.

How To Activate Hidden Camera App Of Kindle Fire

To make the most of the Kindle Fire HD Camera, you are going to need an app that will help find the hidden files in your device that gives the access to activate hidden camera app of kindle fire. From the suite of apps available for this task, I recommend you install ES Explorer as it is easy to use with its easy-to-navigate interface. Besides, it is free and available on the Amazon App Store. 

1. Install ES Explorer and launch it on the device.

2. Click on the AppMgr given in the upper right corner of the app screen.

3. Click on the Category icon that will emerge on the next screen.

4. Tap System Apps on the Select Types Menu on Windows.

5. Now look for the camera icon from the list of Kindle Fire HD system apps and click on it.

6. Now click open it.

The quality of the camera is moderate. You can use it to take pictures, make videos, and for panoramic shots as well. You can use it for Zoom calls and explore its various effects and settings. For instance, you can maximize the video quality to 1080p, and with a double tap on the screen, you can focus the camera at the desirable spot.

Where To Look For The Camera Shots And Videos On Your Device

The Photos application available on your device is the archive for the collection of your photos and videos. You can access them from the Photo app on your device. Or you can connect your device to your PC, navigate to the DCIM folder, and click on the camera. Now you can freely browse through your photo album. Every time you want to use a hidden camera app of kindle fire device, you will have to navigate through the ES File Explorer to reach the app. There is no way to create a shortcut on the home screen.

After going through the post, you will be able to use the hidden camera app of kindle fire HD with ease. However, if you come across any problem as you execute these steps or any other issue; you can contact the online experts who are available round the clock to assist you.

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How To Access Hidden Camera App of Kindle Fire
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