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Thinking of giving a gift to someone on the occasion of new-year, or birthday, no other gift item can be as good as a kindle book that can enrich the knowledge of readers. The best thing about e-books is that they can be read on many other devices such as tablets, mobile phones, computers, etc by using the kindle app. it means we do not need to own a Kindle to read a kindle book. Amazon’s kindle store is enabled of millions of books thus it provides numerous options to choose from according to the genre. But many kindle users do not know how to gift a kindle e-book to others. If you are one of them either click on www kindle com support, or you must be in the post till the end. Without spending our valuable time, let us learn how to gift a kindle book to someone else. 

The process of gift a kindle e-book to others as a gift is very simple and quick. Just you need to follow a few of the steps which are given below.

• Using any one of the gadgets, such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet, you can log in to your Amazon account. Make sure that you cannot purchase your kindle book using Android or iOS apps.

• As you logged in to your Amazon account successfully, you select the book that you want to send as a gift. 

• After that, you will select “Kindle Edition”. 

• During the next step, you will click on the “Buy for others” option. 

• Soon, you will be taken to a new page that has a form, and it needs to be filled by you by providing information, such as the recipient’s email address, your name, a message, and delivery dates. 

• Once you filled out the form, you will click on the “Place your order” button. 

• Finally, make the payment to complete the purchase process.

• Via an email, the recipient will get a message. 

Advantages Of Sending Kindle E-Book As a Gift

As you have learned how to gift a kindle e-book to someone else as a gift because it has many advantages and some of the most assorted features of gift a kindle e-book are given below.

• Kindle e-books can be sent as a gift to others without leaving your comfort zone. 

• Amazon provides ahead of time to send e-books as a gift, even you can choose a delivery date up to one year from the time of purchase e-book.

• The recipients can choose any gadget, such as a PC, tablet, or mobile phone to read a kindle book via the kindle app. 

• Using an Amazon gift card, the recipient can exchange their book which has equal worth. It happens In case of having the same book or does not want to read it.

• To gift a kindle e-book to others is cheaper compared to physical books, thus, you can save money and valuable time as well. 

To gift a kindle e-book to others turns out to be one of the simple ways, and it is not time-consuming. While at home, one can send an e-book as a gift. Despite reading this post, if you find any problem sending an e-book as a gift you can get support from online experts who are available around the clock. 

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Complete Information To Gift A Kindle E-Book To Someone Else
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