Amazon, which is known as a synonymous of the e-reader in the digital market, is riddled with advanced technology and comes with a line of its tablets. Amazon fire tablet and Amazon kindle are the most comprehensive and create confusion among its bibliophile readers who are not tech-savvy or find it hard to pick between these two brands. Both gadgets are on the ladder of success due to their state-of-the-art features. With the help of this post, the new avid readers will learn how to compare between these two devices of Amazon, and thereafter they will reach the point of taking a decision of buying e-readers.

To understand the difference between Amazon fire tablets and Amazon kindle is like jargon to understand, and both are having a series of specific products.  In order to pick the best one, you must go through all the key points of the Amazon Fire tablet VS Amazon Kindle that will help you all the way possible.

Available Versions of Amazon Kindle And Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Kindle devices are available in three formats: first, one is called the basic version and the second is recognized as kindle paperwhite that comes with more storage and IP rating, the last one is the kindle Oasis which is integrated with more storage and the display is bigger than the above-given versions. The price of each device increases with each updated version.

Amazon fire tablet has many products which differ on the basis of its screen size and resolution of the device. It has many versions like Amazon fire 7, Fire HD 10, and Fire HD 10.  A few of the additional features have been added to it which varies from device to device.

Screen Size And Display Of Amazon Fire Tablet And Amazon Kindle

The screen of any e-reader is one of the most important features that vary from device to device.  Amazon Kindle devices are known as e-readers and it is enabled with E-ink screens. The work of this e-ink is to provide the feel of the original page. Being monochromatic, it does not show another color except black and white. The users of kindle will not find it problematic to use this device under the Sun.

Amazon fire table is enabled with LCD screens, the same technology that is used in mobile phones, computers, and TVs. But this device is equipped with a much bigger screen that can be used to play games.

Amazon fire tablet and Amazon kindle have a lot of common specifications like the metal used to make the device.  
All Amazon kindle devices are enabled with micro USB ports and it used to be known as a standard for numerous devices but recently, most of the latest versions are supportable with USB-C that can help you charge faster. Even the new Amazon fire tablet is enabled with the same input too.     
As far as waterproofing is concerned, it depends on the gadgets, so particularly to say anything about it is not easy. The users are advised to go through the specification of the device before taking it into the pool.

Amazon Fire Tablet And Amazon Kindle: Camera And Battery

Amazon Fire tablets are incorporated with two cameras – the front and the rear, which can be used to take a picture and video calling. It is not as sophisticated as the camera of smartphones. While the camera is missing in Amazon kindle therefore you cannot take pictures. As we discuss the life of the battery most of the products of Amazon are robust. But kindle is leading in terms of battery than other devices. Amazon fire tablet is not as good as the kindle regarding its battery, the key reason for having short life of the battery is missing e-ink technology. E-ink helps to save battery.

Amazon fire tablet and Amazon kindle are both outstanding devices, but Amazon kindle is having an edge over Amazon fire tablet due to its features. It is recognized as one of the leading gadgets in the arena of digital reading. For more detail go through Kindle Fire Support where experts will assist you.

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Amazon Fire Tablet Vs Kindle: Which One Is Best For You
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