Kindle Fire Running Slow

The kindle fire tablet is known as one of the best tablets produced by Amazon and can be used to either read or stream e-content. This device can be used to serve different purposes. Take note of the RAM of the device since it is no laptop so you cannot enhance its capacity. At a point, the fire tablet gets slower. The fire tablet users get fed up with it. Kindle Fire running slow issue is faced by users which can be due to several reasons but it is not something which cannot be fixed. In order to fix this juncture, there are a few tricks which are given below that will help its users a lot.

Steps To Fix Kindle Fire Running Slow Problem

For the purpose of fixing the Kindle Fire running slow issue, you must restart your kindle, it helps a lot but you need steps to follow.

  • Move to the bottom of your fire table where you can find the power button. You need to hold the button for at least 40 minutes in order to turn your fire table off. 
  • After that, the screen of your device goes blank and a dialogue box will appear on it. 
  • As a dialogue box appears on the screen, it needs your confirmation to restart your device, after clicking on “tap ‘to complete the process. 
  • During the next step, you should press the power button of your device again to turn the device on.  
  • As your device restarts, the reloading library must be done by you. Now, your kindle will be ready as normal.

How To Reduce RAM Space On Your Kindle Fire?

As we know kindle fire is used for many purposes therefore so many apps and data are downloaded on it later on those apps become unused or unimportant for the users. Thus it covers space on your device needlessly. Due to overload on your device, Kindle Fire running slow so it becomes necessary to free up space on RAM.

Kindle Fire Tablet Running Slow

In order to get rid of unwanted apps or data, you can also either transfer important data to other devices or delete them. Thus, the fire tablet running slow issue can be fixed by you without facing any difficulty. Before making up your mind to delete or transfer data, you must check the memory of your device.

How To Check The Memory Of Your Fire Tablet?

If you want to create space on your fire tablet, you must check the memory of your device by following the steps. Thus, you can overcome the issue of kindle fire slow.

  • Visit the home screen of your device, click on the “menu” key, and then select the “settings”.
  • Click on the “menu” again, and then select the “device info”.

How To Free Up RAM On Your Fire Tablet?

To free up RAM on your fire tablet, you will have at least a few options to follow, and a few of the important tips are given below that will help you to fix the issue of why is my kindle fire so slow.

Using Kingston Wi-Drive:

Kingston Wi-drive is known for resolving the issue of why is my fire tablet so slow, that is an external hard drive, that can be connected to the kindle fire using Wi-Fi. The memory of this drive is available in a wide range from 16GB to 32 GB, and 64 GB will be on the market very soon. It is very feasible to use at least three devices that can be connected to this drive and users can access the diverse content at the same time. In order to use this drive, the users have to give permission. The best part of this Wi-drive is that the users can also surf while using this drive.

Using Splashtop Remote Desktop:

With the help of this app, one can access all the content of one’s computer via using kindle fire, but it must be connected to the internet. The kindle fire users can access the content of their system anywhere or anytime. Before trying to fix Kindle Fire running slow problem, make sure the computer should be on and must be enabled with Splashtop. Thus, the users do not need to have this content on their devices either.

Cloud Storage Of Kindle Fire:

Cloud storage on kindle fire can be availed in many forms but is paid. Only 5 GB of cloud storage on kindle fire is available for free. If you want to opt for more cloud storage, you will have to pick the plan according to your demand.

Using Amazon Cloud Drive:

Under this plan, you can avail of 5 GB storage space by paying $12 annually, if you opt for the standard that will help you to fix the issue of why is my amazon fire tablet so slow, the price will be $60 for unlimited storage.

The Sugar Sync:

By spending $4.99 per month, you can get 30GB. If you get the same plan by making a one-time payment for one year, the price will be $49.99.

Using Dropbox:

In case using dropbox, it is free for up to 2 GB, you can also convert it into 10 GB for free if you recommend someone. With the intention of using up to 50 GB, you must have to pay a good amount for this service like $ 99 monthly or $199 annually for 100 GB.

The above-given tips will help you do away with the Kindle fire running slow issue and can speed up this device too. Taking this issue into consideration, you can go through this post that will help you a lot. If you are unable to fix this issue, you can contact the Kindle experts online, they will help you remotely.

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hold the power button for 40 minutes?!

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