Comparison Of Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is a streamlined product of Amazon and is designed for kids but provides full support to parents as they are enabled with the dashboard feature. However, there are a few differences between both devices before buying any one of the two e-tablets, you must go through the post till the end or amazon/device support and get deep insight into both devices.

Before buying tablets, keep the kids’ age in mind so that they can fully use the devices. The Fire HD 8 Kids is designed for those children who are between 3 and 7, while the Fire HD 8 Kids pro is for school-aged children. Both tablets come with one year of Amazon kids+ provides educational and entertainment content and a robust protective case with a 2-year warranty. The protective case is available in many colors, such as red, blue, and purple to choose from. Kids do not need to hold tablets in their hands while reading or watching their favorite content. In case of meeting any damage, Amazon provides a two-year carefree warranty that gives them to replace both Fire HD 8 Kids vs Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablets for free.

Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro With Dashboard

Both tablets run on Fire OS and receive guaranteed software security updates for at least four years. The Parental Dashboard makes both tablets unique as it lets parents filter content, set time limits, and access additional content like applications with its parental control. Moreover, age-restricted content cannot be accessed by kids via using the browser as the Amazon web browser blocks website that should not be accessed by kids. 

The designs of Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro are similar both internally as well as outsides, such as a centered camera, solid black bezel screen, etc. Both tablets are enabled with two-megapixel cameras one for snapping and video calls and the other for clicking photos, moreover are enabled with 720 HD video as well. In terms of screen, both are having 8-inch screens with HD resolutions of 1280×800 and 189 PPI. 

Software And Its Performance

Both the Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablets are supported by the same six-core MediaTek CPU processor which is considered as mediocre performance for demanding games, such as Sonic Dash 2 and other powerful games. Both the tablets are incorporated 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of Storage which is expandable as well up to 1 TB. Amazon Kids+ is available on both tablets and is permitted with many age-appropriate apps which are ad-free, videos, songs, books, games, and audio-books, and content from National Geographic, Peppa Pig, Collins Big Cat, Disney, Lego, Nickelodeon, and many more. Both tablets also provide the ability to parents add some specific apps as well as content to their child’s profile, for example, zoom or Minecraft. 

The Amazon Kids Pro is available in two variants kids’ user interface to access games and apps, or another is closer to the Fire OS home screen to access apps like Amazon Music and Audible if you have a subscription. 

The Dashboard of parents of both Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablets works in a different way if your kids have the kids’ pro, they can access games and books from a digital shop but parents can approve and reject using the online Parent Dashboard. On the contrary, the Fire HD 8 Kids’ users are unable to access both social media and in-app purchases without getting approval from parents, moreover, Parents Dashboard lets parents decide to filter content which is based on their child’s age and can also set time limits and set educational goals.

Battery Life Of The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro

The battery of both tablets is similar and lasts up to 10 to 13 hours. It means it does not need to charge every day. Moreover, both tablets charge using USB-C. 

Both the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is prominent tablets on the market for kids and is enabled with sophisticated features which can be used according to kids’ age. If you need more information, you can contact the online experts who will provide you with information about them.

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Comparison Of Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids VS Fire HD 8 Kids Pro
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