Extend Battery Life On Kindle

The battery of any device is a major cause of concern for device owners. Everyone wants to have that device which battery should run last long so they should be not disturbed while reading their favorite content. If you want to avoid facing such an irritating situation, you are at the right place to find the appropriate solution to this issue. To extend battery life on Kindle does not seem to be jargon for the kindle users. Here are a few of the tips & tricks that will help you to extend battery life on Kindle. While using Kindle device if you are confronting any sort of issue with it then contact fire tablet help team to resolve it. 

E-ink helps to read content at Night but it leaves a negative impact on the battery of kindle, and other important things are the brightness of the device if you increase the brightness of the device that can create a battery issue. Therefore, after reading the content, reduce the brightness of the device so you can conserve the battery.

Turn Off The Auto Brightness Mode

Kindle, the most sophisticated device, is enabled with auto brightness features that can adjust brightness automatically based on current lighting conditions. It can be the main reason for draining the battery. At this point, manually, one can lower the brightness of the light and can extend battery life on Kindle.

Use Airplane Mode And Turn Off Wi-Fi

Using Wi-Fi on kindle gives us access to the online content and will let you download the content which you want to read. But it can be one of the causes to drain the battery. In this situation, one is having two options either use airplane mode or turn off Wi-Fi to prevent the battery from draining.

Smaller Font Sizes And Using Save Power Mode

The smaller font sizes can reduce the number of pages of the content, therefore, one does not change the page that step can help to conserve the battery life. Many of the kindle is incorporated with a save power mode to help conserve battery life, for instance, onyx’s devices rather kindle paperwhite is enabled with turn save power mode on and off in its settings.

Unable Touch Screen And Keep Kindle On Sleep Mode

Both Kindle paperwhite and kindle Oasis are enabled with a touch screen feature which should be disabled. It also plays a pivotal role to reduce the battery of the Kindle. In order to extend battery life on Kindle, one must keep one’s device in sleep mode, like your tablet or phone. To keep the device in sleep mode is very easy for the users who need to tap the power button, and it will go on sleep mode.

Page Refreshes Settings

For the purpose of enhancing the battery life of the kindle, one must turn off page refreshes settings, and the main reason to enable in the device is to eliminate the ghosting which happens while turning the pages of the book and it happens once in a while. Thus, one can extend battery life on Kindle.

To extend battery life on Kindle is possible by way of applying the above-given ideas. All these tricks are very easy to apply on your device. However, if you come across any sort of issue, you can coordinate with the experts, they will help you.

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Simple And Easy Tips To Extend Battery Life On Kindle
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