Learn How To Export A Word Document To Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle lets its users export a Word document to Kindle so that they can either analyze it on their Kindle or go over a working document in a comfortable manner. But many of its users are unable to export a Word document to Amazon Kindle. Taking your grievances into consideration, the Amazon tablet customer service is going to teach you how to export a Word document to Amazon Kindle with ease. 

Use the “Send To Kindle” Function To Export A Word Document To Amazon Kindle.

Using the “Send to Kindle” Function requires executing a few of the steps which are given below. 

Step 1:  To begin with, open the “Word Document” that you want to send to your Kindle which can be sent either Word for Windows or Word for Mac. Make sure that the Send to Kindle function is not found on the web-app version of Word, while Microsoft is going to roll out in the future. 

Step 2: Now, Select “File” and Export, and then Send to Kindle.

Step 3:  Soon, you will need to sign in to your Amazon account, thus Word can link up with your e-Kindle e-reader. Thereafter, you will authorize sending from your PC to the Amazon Kindle. 

Step 4: During the next step to export a Word document to amazon kindle, you will be asked to decide how you want the file to be sent to Amazon Kindle. Among the many options, one of them is to “Like a Kindle book” This option lets you adjust the font sizes and page layouts which is similar to a native Kindle e-book. While it also supports handwritten notes with Amazon Kindle Scribe. If you want to use its alternative, you can send it “Like a printed document” Using this option does not let you change its layout and format in the Word document. Using this feature on Kindle Scribe lets you write directly onto the page. As you decide the option to use, toggle the more appropriate box and select “Send”. 

Note: One can make changes to the document on Kindle if you send it back to your computer. Moreover, changes will not be recorded. Taking the feasibility of this additional layer, Microsoft has decided to add it in the future.

Step 5: After waiting for a few minutes, you will find your Word document in your Kindle library. 

Other Modes To Export A Word Document To Amazon Kindle

In case of not have the intention to use the “Send to Kindle” function to have a Word file or other document on your Kindle. There are many alternative methods to use which are given below. 

Method 1: Use Email To Kindle 

To begin with, access to “Manage your content and devices” on Amazon account and Preferences or Personal document settings. Now, set the email that you want to use to send emails to Kindle from Approved Personal Document E-mail List.  Finally, send an email to the Kindle email address while attaching your document soon you will find your document in your Kindle library. 

Method 2: Use A USB Cable

Using a USB cable to send documents is one of the easiest ways for Kindle users. Just plug a USB Cable into your Kindle device, and the other end into your PC.  Using the File Explorer copy or dragging and dropping the document into your Kindle library folder. 

Exporting a turns out to be easy work after reading this post, if you need more information about exporting a Word document to amazon kindle, you can contact the online experts who will help you around the clock. 

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Learn How To Export A Word Document To Amazon Kindle
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