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Amazon turns out to be one of the most prominent e-readers on the market, and its many versions are available which are second to none. One can read e-content on Kindle Fire with ease. Sometimes, its readers get bored while reading e-content due to workload, busy lifestyle, and victims of vision-impaired. In this situation, one does not want to read e-content but rather wants to listen to it. One can enable text-to-speech feature of Kindle Fire but one has to learn how to enable text-to-speech on Kindle Fire.  

An enable text-to-speech feature dedicated to converting written words to audio thus, you can listen aloud. Before using a text-to-speech feature, one must know which Kindle book is enabled with this feature as all Kindle books are not having it. 

To enable text-to-speech on Kindle Fire is one of the easy works that takes a few seconds to execute.  Before buying any books on your Kindle Fire, tap on the Kindle support option to get detailed information or you must go through the product details which are given below.

• File Size
• Print Length
• Publisher
• Publication Date
• Language
• Text-to-Speech
• X-Ray

As you find, your books and documents have having capability to enable text-to-speech feature, and it must be turned on within your books or documents thus you can play audio immediately. Now, let us get into enabling the text-to-speech feature on your Kindle Fire.

Steps To Help You To Enable Text-To-Speech Feature On Your Device

• Turn on your Kindle Fire and open the book or document you want to read. 

• Go to the upper right corner of the screen and tap on the “three vertical dots” that will reveal a list of menu options.

• Thereafter, click the “additional settings” option. 

• Now, scroll down unless you find the “Text-to-Speech” option, and then toggle the “button” to the “On” that will turn the toggle box orange. 

• In order to return to your book, you will hit the “Back” button. 

• In order to start utilizing a text-to-speech feature, click the “Screen”, and then tap the “Play” button which is at the bottom to start hearing your book.  Soon, your both book and document will begin to read aloud. 

The post has included all the information that will help you enable text-to-speech on your Kindle Fire with ease. However, if you find any problem, you can contact the online experts who will help you around the clock. 

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How Do You Enable Text-To-Speech On The Kindle Fire Tablet
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