Learn How To Set An Email Signature On Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon has launched a series of tablets like Kindle Fire, Fire HD, and Kindle Fire HDX. The latest tablet of Amazon is the Kindle Fire HDX which comes with loads of developments over the first two iterations. Regarding email, the Kindle Fire HDX has an edge over Kindle Fire and Fire HD. Kindle Fire HDX turns out to be ideal to use for work and play. If you want to set an Email Signature on Kindle Fire HDX, you must go through the www.kindle.com/support.

As we know email has become an indispensable part of our lives, which is used to send messages on both personal and corporate levels. If you send an email on behalf of a company that includes a little more information, such as signature, name, contact number, etc.. By default, such information is not added on any devices, like iPhones, Windows phones, computers, etc. To help you set up your Email Signature on Kindle Fire HDX which should be unique on each email account on the Kindle Fire HDX, follow the below given steps.

Create An Email Signature On Kindle Fire HDX:

Setting up an email signature on Kindle Fire HDX is not easy work. The email app does not have this feature as a default option. However one can add an email signature to outgoing emails by executing these steps.

Open Your Email App:

Turn on your Kindle Fire HDX and open the default email app which might be known as email or mail app depending on the version of your device.

Navigate Account Settings:

Access the email app and tap on the “three horizontal lines” which is also known as the hamburger menu. Open “Menu”, and then select “Settings” or “Account Settings”.

Choose Your Email Account:

Soon, you will have a list of your email accounts, and click on the email account that you want to set up a signature for.

Edit Signature:

After that, you will find an option to edit your email signature which is found as “Signature” or “Signature settings” and tap on it.

Add Your Signature:

After accessing the signature settings, you can provide the text as your name, contact information, etc. to use an email signature

Save Changes:

After providing your desired signature, you will find the option like save or apply the changes, and click on “save” or “OK”. Now, whenever you compose a new email, you will find your signature at the bottom of your email. By this, you can easily set up your Email Signature on Kindle Fire HDX. Thus, you do not need to type again and again. It will appear by default.

Setting an Email Signature on Kindle Fire HDX is done manually by its users. In this post all the steps have been executed carefully, thus you will not find any problems while doing so. If you come across any problem, you can contact the online experts who will assist you around the clock.

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Learn How To Set An Email Signature On Kindle Fire HDX
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