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“There are times when kindle users encounter a few problems while operating this device, such as kindle book won't open is one of them that spoil the reading experience of readers when their favorite content is not readable. If you are also one of such users who is not able to open their favorite e-book on Kindle, this article is for you."

One of the largest companies in United States, Amazon has set a landmark in this digital world and it has taken reading enthusiasts to change their mode from traditional to digital by introducing various Kindle devices. The good thing about the Amazon Kindle is that it is easy to carry and its design is sleek that can accommodate your hand easily. In addition, it is incorporated with thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, and so on. The avid readers will not feel the dearth of content, whenever they want, they can read according to their taste.

Why Kindle Book Won’t Open?

There can be multiple reasons why kindle book won't open on your device. But do not get panicked, it is easy to track down the exact reason by way of following the given points. Thus read the following points carefully to resolve kindle book not opening problems easily. If you find these points hard to digest, you can always take help on online community.

Kindle book won't open
  • Incomplete File Download: Sometimes kindle users face strange issues such as one file or book which is opened on other devices, but your kindle book won't open. Do not think that your device went wrong. It occurs due to when you copy this file from other devices, and it was not copied completely hence the file got corrupted. It can be resolved easily, just you need to delete this file, and download a new file on your kindle
  • Bad Internet Connection: The Wi-Fi network can be one of the reasons for kindle book won't open on you fire device. If the network is weak, this issue will be faced by its users but can be resolved easily by connecting to a different good speed network. If your book won’t open on kindle PaperWhite issue is not resolved, you can move on to the next step which is provided below.
  • Insufficient Storage: All Kindle devices require some amount of free space in the memory to function properly. If your Kindle does not have sufficient space then book won't open on kindle device. Follow these steps to check how much space you have on your kindle.
    1. From the “Home”, go to “Menu
    2. Navigate to “Settings” & then choose “Advance Options
    3. Now find “Storage Management” option & tap on it
Kindle Storage Management

This will show you how much storage is left on your kindle. If space is very less, you need to delete some old files and apps.

How to Fix Kindle Won't Open Book Problem?

If you have not already determined why kindle won't open book on your device then you can do following 2 things to solve this problem.

  1. Restart Your Kindle
  2. Delete the Book & Resend to Kindle

1. Restart Your Kindle

This is the first step of troubleshooting all kindle problems. There are chances that a soft re-start will solve your kindle not opening books problem. Follow these steps:

Kindle Restart
  • You need to press and hold the “Power Button” until screen goes blank.
  • Keep holding the power button for at least “40 Seconds” and then leave.
  • Your Kindle device will “Reboot" after few seconds
  • Now check if problem is resolved or not

2. Delete the Book & Resend to Kindle

If for some reasons you have incomplete or corrupt copy of the book on your device then kindle book won't open. In such situation, this step can help you to fix the problem.

Kindle Manage Content and Devices
  • From the home screen of your Kindle, go to “Device” tab
  • Select the book you want to delete, “Press & Hold” the title of that book
  • Now a pop-up will appear, you need to tap on “Remove from Device
  • Now you need to “Re-start” you Kindle device
  • In your Amazon account, go to “Manage Content & Devices
  • Now you need to navigate to “Books” section
  • Select the book and click on “Deliver to Device

The above-given steps will help you to overcome kindle book won’t open problem after that you will be able to read your favorite e-content again on your device without facing this issue. Hopefully, by going through this article, you are unable to resolve book won’t open on kindle. You can get the support from the experts who are always ready to assist you remotely.

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workaround for downloaded books that wont open- click on another book from same author which you have already and below you get “customers also purchased” look through list and see if your book shows up if it does click on it and it ask’s if you want to read now, click on book and it should open.


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