E-Content Issues On Kindle

Kindle has been rolled out by Amazon to provide quality content to its readers globally, and it has been one of the leading online platforms to find e-content to read. The kindle users do not feel the dearth of the content as it has thousands of books, magazines, comics, etc to read. So, they can find their favorite content on it’s with ease. As a matter of fact, nowadays, many people try to misuse this platform especially self-publishers or e-books authors, and they do not focus on producing top-notch content. In order to enhance the quality of e-content, Amazon starts sending warnings to the readers about e-content issues on kindle. Apart from it, if you have an issue with regard to kindle, you can utilize Kindle Support Number to get assistance.

In order to control scams created by self-publishers on Amazon, it has taken a few steps so that it cannot be safe haven for them.

If the content quality of e-book is substandard, Amazon will send message to the e-books sales page on the kindle store. In that message, it is clearly mentioned that this e-book does not have good content.

Get To Know Quality Of The Content On Amazon Kindle

For the purpose of resolving e-content issues on kindle, kindle direct publishing is enabled with a help page which has all issues regarding e-book quality

E-content issues on kindle may be due to two possible outcomes to produce bad quality of content. One is to excess distracting or second is to be destructive, and these issues can take the book to the elimination from sale until issues are sorted out. KDP sends warning message to sales page that can stop book sales.

So, the publishers must address the issues otherwise the published books will be eliminated by KDP from sale. 

Poor Quality E-Content Under Spotlight Of Amazon

The step was taken by Amazon to punish those publishers who did not show their dedication while publishing their e-content. By and large, dedicated self-publishing authors nodded in favor of this decision. So a number of the scam publishers can be mitigated. But the drawback is this it can tarnish the image of the other self-publishers as well. But the positive side of this step is to remove trash from Amazon.

At the time of publishing e-content, KDP becomes lenient at spelling checking. But a good author ignores it, and keeps focusing on every spelling delicately. Now, such kind of mistake is going to be turned as night mare for the authors. Amazon starts sending warning message to the readers.

How To File A Complaint Against Poor Quality Content

Making complaint against E-content issues on kindle is quite easy work which is done due to many reasons like typo, formatting issues, grammatically errors, etc. in order to move forward to draw the attention of the authors via making complaint, you can move to downside of the page and find there feedback and provide information regarding your issue which you come across while reading e-content and then submit it.

By way of going through this post, readers will be in a position to get to know about the e-content issues on kindle, and it can be rectified by readers if they are informed. Via this post, it serves both ways – one is known as complain other is warning as well.

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How Does Amazon Deal With E-Content Issues On Kindle
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