Disable web browser and store on kids kindle

The amazon kindle has been an amazing landmark in the digital world which has many versions launched and many in the offing and enabled with state-of-the-art technology. The parental control does not let kids surf age-restricted content, and if they do, parents are informed through messages. The best thing about Amazon kindle is that one can disable web browser and store for others so that they can neither access its store nor browse the content which parents do not like. If you want to disable web browser and store for others on Amazon kindle, you must go through either the post till the end or you can check the website on amazon kindle support.

Kindle owners disable web browser and store for other users thus; they can neither make purchases nor download samples. For the bad intention, one cannot access the internet, nor get into mischief. By way of disabling the cloud, other users cannot access those books which have been downloaded or purchased on their devices.

Why Do You Want To Disable Web Browser And Store On Amazon Kindle

There are many causes to disable web browser and store on your device because you do not want others to access the content which you have purchased or downloaded on your device or do not want to let others buy more content. This may be due to saving your credit card that can be used to buy more content on your device by your kids who are not mature enough and many more circumstances where restrictions come into play.

How To Disable Store And Web Browser On Your Kindle

Being one of the easiest works, one can do it within a few seconds by way of executing a few steps.

• Go to the home screen of your kindle, and click on the “3 Dots” which is next to the search bar. 

• After that, click on “Accessibility and Restrictions”.

• It has three things to disable, such as The Internet, The Cloud, and the Store. 

• As you click on any one of these, you will be asked to create your PIN code. 

• Your PIN code will not let other users access the store, and it can be used to unlock the accessibility screen as well.

As soon as the store is disabled, whenever you try to do anything with the store, you will be helpless and could do nothing. Not to speak of reading a book but also you cannot access the book description. One can also shut off the internet thus users cannot access the browsers and neither can link to Wikipedia. In case of disabling the cloud, the content stored in the cloud which you purchased on another device cannot be downloaded to read.

The idea of locking down your kindle seems to be one of the best options for kindle owners during traveling, leaving devices unattended, missing, and stolen by someone, but they could do nothing, and it will be a useless device for the stealers or finders after to disable web browser and store with other features.

Disabling the store and the Web Browser on your kindle device seems to provide control o your device in your absence. By way of going through the post, one can do it disable web browser and store it with ease. However, if you come across any problem, you can contact the experts remotely who will help you around the clock.

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How To Disable Web Browser And Store For Kids On Kindle
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