Disable Automatic Update On Kindle Fire HD

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD comes with many features, but automatic update is one of them which is not appreciated by someone all the time. In this situation, one has to disable automatic update on Kindle Fire HD. While rooting or tweaking Kindle’s settings, automatic update may wreck all of your work and customization. In order to avoid or resolve this issue, one has to disable OTA which stands for over the air. The post has included all the information and tap on fire tablet customer service that will help you to disable automatic update on kindle fire HD with ease. 

• Kindle Fire HD needs to be uprooted. 

• The ES File Explorer is accessible in the app store of Amazon, one can install it on Kindle Fire HD from there. 

• After installing the ES File Explorer, one must hit on the “menu” button, and then open up the settings. 

• After that go to the main settings of the screen and open up the “Root settings” option. 

In case of not doing so, you must check each box on the root settings page and thereafter, check “every box” on the Root settings page. Super-user feature provides ES File Explorer prominent permissions and one has to accept it to keep on.

As we know ES File Explore will function as a full-fledged root browser. Now, it is time to use the “Up” button to access the /system/etc/security/ directory/. After navigating it, can you delete/move otacerts.zip to the folder of downloads to keep it safe. Thereafter, you can save the otacerts.zip file anywhere, and make sure one has to keep it in the security folder thus one can keep the Kindle Fire HD from automatically updating or disable automatic update on kindle fire HD. 

As soon as the otcerts.zip starts functioning, it will be taken care of, and no one will receive any more updates from the air. Now, you got rid of disable automatic update on kindle fire HD problem. After disable automatic update on your Kindle Fire HD, now you required to update your Amazon Kindle Fire HD manually using the manual downloads provided by the Amazon company. Make sure manual updates sometimes break the root; in this situation, you must know control over it. The drawback of disable automatic update on kindle fire HD, it can break your root or remove the Google Play Store which is installed on your Kindle Fire. 

By way of going through the post, one can learn how to disable automatic update on kindle fire HD with ease. However, if you come across any problem, you can contact the online experts who will assist you around the clock. 

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Learn How To Disable Automatic Update On Kindle Fire HD
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