Kindle is the spearhead product of Amazon in this digital world that is equipped with all sorts of the latest technology. The features of kindle are more advanced than other e-readers. Owing to sophisticated features, it has millions of its users globally. The fame of this device is spreading far and wide moreover it is being sold like a hot cake in this digital world.  It is very easy to use this device for those users who are using it the first time, within a few days, he or she will be good at operating it. Without facing a stumbling block.  This post is dedicated to how to use dark mode on kindle. But this feature is not available in all sorts of kindle here are the list of kindles that are equipped with dark mode features.

•  Kindle PaperWhite 4

•  Kindle Oasis 3

•  Kindle Oasis 2

The users of kindle must go through this feature before buying a kindle. This feature is equipped only in the latest version of kindle. In an earlier version of kindle, they were unable to read in dark on kindle. But nowadays it is not difficult rather it is very easy to turn dark mode on or off of your kindle. If you want to read something on kindle at night with no other light, you can read at present. The same content if you go through during the daytime, you need to turn off the dark mode on kindle.

Why We Require Dark Mode On Kindle At Night

•  Light of the screen of the Kindle can be adjusted within a few steps. So that it can help you read something on kindle without having eye strain.

•  Dark mode on kindle can give you relief to your eyes and protects your vision as well. 

•  It maintains color contrast too that can make it more clear to read and it helps you stay focused on your work.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On A Kindle

The accessibility of dark mode on kindle is not hard for its users. It needs a few steps to follow which are given below.  

•  The first step of turning on dark mode on kindle is this it should be compatible with its feature. As it is widely known all the features of kindle are not compatible with this feature.

•  The next step is to move on to the top of the home screen of kindle and over there you will find the settings icon at the top of the screen. 

•  After that, you can select the icon of settings then you will find dark mode on Kindle, 

•  Hit it on or off.

Kindle comes with a front lighting system that helps us to make adjustments both at the level of illumination and the color temperature so that the users can read on kindle outdoors or indoors or at any time of the day conveniently. The glare-free features of the kindle will keep your eyes stress-free and make you feel like a real paper in direct sunlight as well.

Dark mode on kindle helps us reduce the stress on the eyes which can help us in both times day and night. During the nighttime, the dark mode can be turned on, or in day time it must be off. If you find it difficult to turn on or off its dark mode, you can make a contact on Kindle Fire Support Phone Number to the experts who can provide you technical assistance to resolve this issue.

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How To Turn On Dark Mode On a Kindle E-Reader Easily
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