What is cloud collection?

Amazon has initiated cloud collections to organize the content of the kindle, and it helps its readers have all sorts of reading content synced between devices and Kindle apps. Cloud collection on kindle confuses a few of its readers and they find it hard to understand its function exactly, therefore, this post is dedicated to explaining ins and outs of the cloud collection of the kindle.  Cloud itself is one of the most confusing things, which is associated with kindle. It has nothing to do with your Amazon account therefore, kindle users neither can access nor create them in the cloud of the Amazon account. While on the other hand, the cloud collection on kindle can be generated or vied on Amazon kindle device with a kindle app that is compatible with cloud collections.

A kindle helps its readers to organize their e-books and active content, and personal content that can be into custom collections while magazines, newspapers, and blogs are not managed. If you don’t want to have an e-book or other collection from your kindle collection, you can delete it from the collection but it will be on your device.

How To Create Cloud Collection On Kindle?

Amazon comes with easy steps to create a cloud collection on your kindle. All those dedicated steps are given below.

• Go to the home screen, and tap (three dots) the menu button of your Amazon kindle on the top right.

• It will prompt you to choose “a new collection”.  

• After naming a new collection and click on “ok”.

Note:  In order to add content to a collection, it does not need to be downloaded.

How To Add A New Book To A Collection?

You can take a book or content from a library of your kindle which is already downloaded in it.  The main purpose of adding a book to a collection is to organize content in a simple manner and here are steps that will help you to add a new book to a collection.

• Go to the library of your kindle, click on the “more” icon (three dots) which is available on the bottom right corner of a book. 

• Choose “add to collection”

• After that “check the box” and move on to click on the “done”

How To Add Books In Bulk?

It is the simplest mode of adding books in bulk to a collection at once, but before taking this step, you have to create the collection. 

• Click on the “more” icon on the bottom right corner of the collection.

• Choose to add/remove items.

• The book which you want to add to the collection, will ask you to “check the boxes”.

• Hit on the “done”. 

How To View Your Collection On Your Amazon Kindle?

 Viewing cloud collection is not easy work at first, it will ask you to filter the items on the home screen of your kindle. Here are a few easy steps to view your collection. 

• Either click on “your library” at the top of the home screen or menu then your library from the toolbar. 

• Select collections

• Then, you will be able to view all of the collections, which you have created on your kindle. 

• Click on “collection” to view the book that you want to see.

How To Remove A Book From A Collection On Your Kindle?

Removing a book from a cloud collection on kindle is not difficult to work to do; the following steps will guide you to remove a book. 

• Click on the “more” button on the bottom right corner of the book in a collection. 

• Select “remove from the collection”.

• After clicking on it, your book will get disappeared and the next time when you open the collection, the book will not be on that list.

How To Remove Books In Bulk From Your Kindle?

Removing many books in bulk at once is possible in a few steps which are explained below.   

• Click on the “more” icon which is on the bottom right corner of the collection.

• Choose “Add/Remove Items” 

• “Uncheck the boxes” in front of those books which you want to remove from the collection.

• Click on the “done”

Note:  Removing books or other sorts of reading content from the collection is still in the kindle which is a part of the library.

How To Rename A Collection?

If you want to rename your created cloud collection on kindle which is possible in a few steps is explained below.

• On the bottom right corner of the kindle, you can click on the” more” icon.

• Select the option “rename” and type a new name, and click on the “ok”

Manage cloud collection on kindle is possible with the help of this article that comes with easy troubleshooting steps. Despite following the above-given steps, the users are unable to do; they can get Kindle Support which is available round the clock.

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