In the arena of the e-reading, kindle has been a leading gadget that has overshadowed other devices due to its innovative approach. Kindle is a product of Amazon which does not need any kind of intro and it is a name of trust and reliability in this nail-biting competition. The first kindle was unveiled by Amazon on online platform in 2007. After that Amazon did not look back and kept moving ahead and became a leader in selling kindle globally. In order to keep pace with the time, Amazon made its best effort to maintain its reputation in online market.

Amazon has launched many kindles and their names are kindle with front light, kindle paperwhite , kindle kids edition, kindle oasis and kindle DX. Categorically, all these kindles are known for their specific features which are second to none. On the basis of the features, their prices are different. 

The key reason of launching first e-reader was to download newspaper, books, blogs, magazines and many more. 

The price of first kindle was around $399 and the cost of the latest one is $149 and it varies from kindle to kindle. But a lot of innovation was done in respect of kindle’s memory. The first kindle is incorporated with 400 MB that was enough for 200 illustrated books and later on , a lot of development was done like 2GB, 4GB,and 8GB and it also depends on the version of the kindle.


The first kindle had 7 inch screen size that size was maintained by Amazon for many years. It was one of the most convenient and catchy sizes of the kindles, but recently Kindle DX are integrated with 9.7 inch which is one of the largest screen sizes of the kindle. 


The first product of kindle was the lightest one which had 161 gram. A lot of features were added to the kindle paperwhite and the weight of this device became 217 g. kindle oasis comes with 194 g which is one of the most preferred one by its users so far.   

Development In Screen Technology

Screen technology evolved a lot for the purpose of providing good reading experience in general and reducing the digital eye stress in particular. E-readers should neither feel tired nor drowsy thus can they enhance their reading time. The first kindle was enabled with 4 level grey scales, while in these days E-ink technology is used.

Pricing Of The Kindle

Due to cutting-edge competition, there are many companies have launched their devices in the market of e-reading. That is why the price of the kindle has been reduced. At the moment the price for the basis kindle is $69 and the latest kindle DX is available around $199.

Connectivity Of Kindles

Kindle is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity while it varies from kindle to kindle for instance; touch, keyboard, paperwhite, and kindle DX are having option of Wi-Fi and 3 G internet. It depends on how much you want to spend to buy on kindle.  

In general, it is very tricky to select one kindle among 5 kindles. If you find yourself in lurch to choose the Amazon kindle, you must go through the above given comparison that is enough to provide you data that will help you select the kindle device easily. However, you find it hard to pick the best one that can suite your need, you can contact to the Kindle.Com/Support that will help you remotely.   

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How To Choose The Amazon Kindle That Suits Your Needs
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