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Amazon Kindle is enabled with several font sizes that can please your eyes while reading content. The Kindle user can choose the font size according to their choice which can engage them to read more e-content. This article is dedicated to providing complete information about to change the font size on kindle to one that is more convenient to you. Kindle help option is always available for the virtual assistant which guides you in a proper way. 

Amazon Kindle comes with many font size options and you can easily change the font size on kindle; for example, Amazon Ember is one of them, which is specifically designed to read content on Kindle as its fonts are clean and narrow with uniform thickness. If you pick the Helvetica font size, which you could find all over the place such as signage, book covers, and giant billboards, is a bit on the bolder or thicker side. If you choose the Futura which is similar but has narrow and sharp angles on letters like, A, V, M, and N, it gives a great feeling while reading. If you are a victim of dyslexia, you can open the OpenDyslexic font that is designed specifically for dyslexic readers as reading becomes easy for them. The font size has thin lines at the top and the bottom, it has thick lines or a much rounder font, with uniform lines or not even.

Let Us Learn How To Change The Font Size On Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a well-known e-reader on the market that comes with sophisticated features, and changing font size is one of them. In terms of physical books, nothing can be changed, for example, font size, change thickness, any number of fonts, spacing, etc. In this post, one will learn how to change the font size on kindle no matter which Kindle device you have, the process of changing font size is the same.

Available Font Sizes On Kindle At A Glance

As you go through the font family, there are several types of options to choose from, for example, classic fonts, modern stables, unique fonts, and a couple of new ones. The prominent font sizes below will help you according to your preferences.

• Caecilia

• Baskerville

• Amazon Ember

• Platino

• Helvetica

• Bookerly

• OpenDyslexic

Learn How To Change Fonts On Amazon Kindle

If you have an Amazon Kindle device, you can change the font size on kindle, size, and thickness easily. One of the most important things is that one can download a text-based book from Amazon’s Kindle store, and then follow the steps to change the fonts of it. Make sure a graphic novel and other document styles cannot be changed.

• To change the font size on kindle, one must tap on the screen or near the top edge.

• After that select the “Aa” icon.

• Then, reach the pop-up window and select the “Font” tab.

• Click on the “Font Family”.

• Finally choose the font size which one you like.

After changing the font size, you can also change the size and thickness of the fonts if you want. To do it, you just need to tap on the “Back arrow” to the Font family. To increase and decrease the thickness of the font, you must go to the Bold option and click on the “+” or “-“icons. If you want to increase or decrease the text size, go to the size row and click on the “+” or “-“icons. If you want to customize the spacing and style, you can do it by selecting the “layout” tab and choosing the width of the margins on either side of the text block, also change its alignment and spacing between new lines.

This post has covered all the important aspects of change the font size on kindle. If you need more information, you can contact the online experts who will help you around the clock. 

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Learn How To Conveniently Change The Font Size On Kindle
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