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The Amazon e-reader is enabled with many latest features to make reading, not a boring affair. Over the months, a number of updates have been rolled out to the kindle. One of the latest features is to change the kindle home screen view which will help you avoid going through the tedious process of finding the book you want out of a whole lot of books available to you. Thus, the kindle users might be happy with this feature. To change kindle home screen view is possible in two ways – using either this post or by visiting kindle device support which is available to help its users around the clock.

If you have the intention to see your home screen as a classic Amazon kindle list, you are advised to turn off the home screen of your kindle. Doing to change kindle home screen is not tough however it needs several steps to follow.

• At first, click on the settings. 

• As you click on the settings, search for the device option to click.

• And then you will find advance options to click. 

• Now, you will need to tap on “home & library options”. 

• As you finish this step, on the screen of the kindle, you will find the home screen view.

As soon as you get the home screen view, you will be able to decide when to on and off to have your titles in the view list.

Get The Advantages Of List View

The above-given steps are so convenient to perform for the users. Now, users can switch to view lists easily and it is rather a good move if you are not interested in recommended books.

• The list view will let you hit the home button to reach the homepage of the kindle. Thus, you will be able to see six book covers at the same time.   

• Most of the users of the kindle are not aware of the secondary list view.  In order to turn on the secondary list, you need to go to all items and then tap on the “list”. Thus you will see many lists as well.   

• This is a great feature of list view; each cover of the book is enabled with three dots. As you click on the dots, you will come to know about the number of pages and how much of the book you have read so far. 

Home Screen Of Kindle Oasis

If you are the owner of the kindle oasis and want to reach the home screen or list view, just you need to press the home icon. As soon as you set up to change kindle home screen view to the list view, again you can get back to the home screen of your Kindle by clicking on the home icon of the kindle.

Home Screen Kindle Paperwhite

It is slightly different from the older version of kindle paperwhite. As you access the home screen mode that has 7 items (6 out of 7 are e-books and one is a suggested option).  In general, it has been noticed that older kindle show library as a list. While kindle paperwhite shows the covers of the books, if you have an intention to restore this list view, you will be prompted to tap on the “home button” and thereafter tap on “your library”.

You must reach the drop-down menu which is enabled with a black arrow.  As you find it, you must click on “all items”, after that all the items will be displayed in the list view.

If you want to read a book on your kindle paperwhite, you will be unable to see the home icon. For it, you need to tap on the top of the screen and then the toolbar will be displayed and reach the home from the toolbar. If you have older models, you need to press the home button of the device to reach the toolbar and access the home.

It is very easy to change kindle home screen view or list view on kindle for the users. But with regard to kindle paperwhite, this process is slightly different than other devices of kindle. If you find it tough to change kindle home screen view, then you can get the help of experts remotely.

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Tutorial Leads You To Change Kindle Home Screen View
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