Fix Kindle Not Downloading Books Problem

If you’re here, then you are most likely excited to buy a new eBook and you wanted to start reading it on your beloved Kindle. But guess what, if your Kindle Not Downloading Books or the book is downloaded but it doesn’t open at all, what will you do in such situations? These issues can appear at times with Amazon Kindle and you just need to solve them. Here you have some guidelines on how you can eliminate Kindle Book Won't Download problem fast and easy. Just make sure that you follow under given procedure perfectly without skipping anything.

Steps To Fix Kindle Not Downloading Books Problem

  1. Check Your WiFi Internet Connection on Kindle
  2. Restart Your Kindle Device and Try Again
  3. Manually send eBooks from “Manage Your Content" section
  4. Delete and Re-Download eBooks from Amazon
  5. Check and Verify Your Digital Orders
  6. Get in touch with Amazon or let us know

Now let's check all the above mentioned steps one by one and try to fix this problem at earliest.

Disconnect And Re-Connect To Wi-Fi Network

There are times when Kindle Book Won't Download just because of poor internet connectivity. The important thing to keep in mind here is the fact that a simple disconnect-reconnect task can be really good. The Wi-Fi connection might not work all the time, but if you tackle these things in a proper manner, it can be well worth the effort and you will appreciate the results. So just disconnect and Connect Kindle to WiFi again and try to download the eBook. Hopefully this simple thing will fix your Kindle Not Downloading Books issue within couple of minutes.

Kindle Not Downloading Books

Restart Your Kindle Device

Sometimes Kindle Not Downloading Books issue might also be caused by your Kindle being turn on for a very long time. A solution as simple as restarting your Kindle doesn’t sound complicated, but it certainly helps to fix Kindle Book Not Downloading issue many times, and you have to check it out and give it a try for yourself if possible. To restart your Kindle device, press and hold the power button for 40 seconds and wait until your Kindle turn off itself and reboot again.

Manage Your Content and Devices

If your Kindle Not Downloading Books by all means then there is an option to send them manually from your Amazon account. There’s a page “Manage Your Content" in your Amazon settings. That’s where you will find the book that you can’t download, then you have to select Actions. Press the option to “Deliver to a device" and you will be just fine. It’s a system that you will like because it helps you get control over your digital content while also not having to worry about Kindle Book Won't Download issues with downloading or opening your desired eBook.

Delete And Re-Download The Book

The last thing that you should try if your Kindle Won't Download Books automatically is to delete the book from your Kindle and then you go in your Amazon account on the computer. That’s where you can find all the books you own. Send it back to the device again, this time it should work just fine.

Check Your Digital Orders

You could also go to the Your Content and Devices options, and then you visit the Your Orders, Digital orders section. It totally works, since you can see the content there and then you can re-download everything. You can even download to the PC and then transfer to your Kindle if your Kindle Not Downloading Books directly. Basically, there are plenty of benefits you can focus on, all you need is to see what works for you.

In case all of these ideas don’t work for you, the best bet is to talk with Amazon reps. They will let you know what solution is feasible based on your current situation to fix Kindle Not Downloading Books problem. The idea is to not lose hope, your issue will be solved in the end. There can be some issues that will arise at times, and that’s why you want to check it out for yourself and see what option you can use to solve them. Thankfully, most of the Amazon Kindle issues are minor and you can solve them on your own, but they do have a dedicated team if you can’t solve these things!

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Irene Troy

I am on Kindle Fire 8 number four after Amazon replaced the first three due to failure when attempting to use the device. This one is now failing also! It refuses to connect and when it finally does connect (thank you for the advice above, it did work once) it will not remain connected. I cannot download books; games; apps or use the device for any purpose for which is was bought. When checking the connection using the device, it reads “excellent” under strength. We have multiple other devices using WiFi and none exhibit similar issues. Every other device is… Read more »


Same as other two comments. Tried all suggestions without success. Internet is connected (browser works fine). Ironic that Kindle will do everything except allow you to read Kindle books.

dt m

tried all the steps. internet connection works as can use silk but cant download any kindle books


my kindle will not load I tried all the suggestion but nothing

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