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Kindle, the product of Amazon, is one of the most prominent e-readers on the market and has a great deal of content to read. The content that Kindle owners want to access is paid known as kindle unlimited, but it is not unlimited. It is one of the captions of the ads marketing that attracts avid readers who think they can access books and magazines as many as they want to read by paying $9.99 per month. In reality, bibliophiles can access ten books at a time. When they come to this reality, they decide to cancel a Kindle subscription. If you are one of those who want to cancel a Kindle subscription, you must go through the post till the end carefully. If you are facing any kind of issue with Kindle device then feel free to contact fire tablet support team to resolve your issue easily.

Points To Remember Before Making Kindle Subscription Cancellation

  • At the end of the billing cycle, you will not be able to access the downloaded e-books or other types of e-content on your device. Therefore, you must finish your book before your renewal date.
  • The cancellation of the subscription can be made by you whenever you want, but you cannot receive your refund. If you pay for the next month's subscription, you will have to wait until the end of the billing cycle.

Let Us Find Out The Mode Of Canceling Kindle Subscription

One can cancel a Kindle subscription program in two ways which have been included in the post separately.

Cancel A Kindle Subscription Using The Kindle Account Page

Kindle Unlimited is one of the best services for avid readers at the moment, but the undeniable fact is that it is not for everyone. If you want to cancel a Kindle subscription, make sure you do it before reaching the next billing period thus, you will not be charged anymore.

  • To begin with, access your Amazon Kindle Unlimited Page and log in to your account, and you will have complete information about your kindle subscription.
  • In the left-hand corner, you will find a button and click on “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”.
  • After that, click on the “Cancel Membership” button.
  • You will have a new page with the message “Are you sure you want to end your membership?” and click on “Cancel Membership”.
  • Soon you will get a new window with the message that you can use kindle unlimited service until the next renewal date.
Cancel Kindle Unlimited Using The Amazon Account Page

In order to cancel a Kindle subscription account, one can use the Amazon account page as well by executing the below given steps.

  • Make sure one must go to the Amazon website.
  • After that, select “Accounts & Lists” from the pull-down menu, and then click on “Kindle Unlimited”.
  • Log into your Amazon Kindle Unlimited Account Page if you have not done it so far. Thus, you will be able to find complete information about kindle unlimited Subscriptions.
  • After that, you will click on the “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership” which is found in the left-hand corner.
  • Select “Cancel Membership”.
  • Soon after, you will have a new page with the message “Are you sure you want to end your membership?” and click on “Cancel membership”.
  • As soon as your request is processed, you will get a confirmation message, that the cancellation was successful or so much like it. But a kindle unlimited subscription can be utilized till the next renewal date.

The post is enabled with complete information regarding cancel a Kindle subscription service. However, if kindle users come across any type of issue; they can coordinate with online experts who will help them around the clock.

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Simple And Easy Way To Cancel A Kindle Subscription
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