How to Fix Kindle Battery Drainage Problem

Amazon Kindle is one of the latest and state of the art ebook reader available today. However, regardless of how modernized your gadget come will time that you will face battery drainage issue, and Amazon Kindle is not inception. Some owners of Kindle have run into problems with sudden and inexplicable battery drain. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to mend the issue.

Updated Kindle Firmware

The best thing you can do to optimize the battery life of your Kindle is making sure the Kindle firmware is always updated. Kindle intermittently suffers from a bug which can affect the lifespan of the battery greatly and you migh face battery drainage issue. Previous battery blasting bugs take account of problems with the Amazon Kindle indexing books as well as failing to sleep well.

Your Kindle must be up-to-date if you have connected it to any kind of network. The Kindle firmware does not get updated that frequently, but it must do so routinely.

It is easy to update your Kindle firmware. All you need is to click the top of the screen on the Paperwhite, choosing the menu button then click Device Info. Match-up to the Firmware Version code to the release list either on the Kindle Wikipedia or contacting Kindle Support would be better option.

Kindle Battery Drainage

Switch Off the Radio

In general, Kindle is a very reliable ebook reader. However, there are specific things which are rather hard when it comes to efficiency. The 3G radios and Wi-Fi can drain the batter of your battery faster.

Not like the low power required altering the display on the Ink screen, it takes lots of power to look for and connect to Wi-Fi nodes. It also needs more power to maintain a connection to the distant 3G cell towers. The 3G/Wi-Fi stays active although your Kindle is asleep with the screen saver on and like your smartphone, it will eat more power once the reception is poor and  it needs to work harder to connect to the distant cell phone tower.

It easy to switch off the network radios on your Kindle after using, go to the setting menu by clicking the menu button, choose Settings, then toggling Airplane More on. Apart from keeping the firmware up to date, switching off the radios is the best thing you can to optimize the battery of your Kindle. Keeps your device on Airplane Mode each time you are not actively downloading books; surely your Kindle battery will last longer.

Replace the Battery

If you were done almost everything you can, your Kindle is out of warrant, and the life of the battery is still weak. Lithium-ion battery and devices age do not last forever. Your four-year-old Kindle might just have an intensely used battery that is due for replacement.

Other ways to optimize the battery of your Kindle are:

  • Turn down the backlight
  • Make sure automatic page refresh is switched off
  • Sleep your Amazon Kindle manually


While the Amazon Kindle models have enhanced for those, who want to keep old technology running, it is easy and cheap to swap the battery in your Amazon Kindle.

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