How To Personalize Your Amazon Tablet With Fire Toolbox

Amazon Tablet is a go-to option that offers easy access to Amazon’s digital content, including books, movies, TV shows, and apps. However, the most remarkable feature is its incredible flexibility to personalize your tablet’s interface as per your preferences. By organizing the apps and widgets or changing the keyboard and sounds or activating the sound assistant, the experience of operating the tablet becomes more immersive and you can perform your task seamlessly by personalizing your Amazon tablet with fire toolbox. But to perform this makeover, you need a tool called Fire Toolbox (FTB).

If you are looking for how to make the most of Fire Toolbox and transform your Amazon Tablet to suit you, you are at the where you will get all the details by tapping on amazon fire tablet help chat. This guide has covered everything with regard to the process of personalizing your Amazon Tablet with Fire Toolbox.

How To Install Fire Toolbox On Your PC

Make sure your PC has a Windows operating system because Fire Toolbox is designed to work on Windows.

Now before moving ahead with the installation process, ensure that.

• Amazon tablet is fully charged

• You have is data/ charging USB cable

• Download the Fire Toolbox XDA on your PC.

Steps to download the Fire Toolbox on your device

1. Open the web browser and enter the XDA developers’ forum page for Fire Toolbox.

2. First, ensure that you have a compatible PC running the Windows operating system (Windows 7, 8, or 10) as Fire Toolbox is designed to work on Windows.

3. Look for the latest fire toolbox for download which is generally provided at the top.

4. Click on the download button provided for the Fire Toolbox Zip file. You need to ensure that you save the file where you can easily access it. 

5. Now extract the Zip file using tools such as 7-Zip or WinRAR.

6. Open the folder where you have the extracted file of Fire Toolbox. And double click on it. The format of the files is “Fire Toolbox.exe" which is an executable form of Fire Toolbox.

7. Now Fire Toolbox will be launched on your PC. Maybe your PC security settings will ask for your assent before launching it, give your nod and launch the Fire Toolbox on your PC.

Steps to install the Fire Toolbox on the Amazon Tablet:

1. Connect the Amazon Tablet to the PC using the USB cable.

2. Now in the Amazon tablet, you need to “enable USB Debugging”.

  • Go to the settings. 
  • Then Device Options.
  • Tap continuously on the serial number (or About Fire Tablet) until a menu opens up.
  • Then click on Developer options in that menu.
  • Look for Enable ADB option to activate it.

3. Now use the USB cable that came with your Amazon Fire tablet to connect it to the Windows PC. You can use any other suitable replacement. Some USB cables are designed only for power transfer, and they lack data transfer capabilities. It will treat the computer as a power source.

4. Now open the notifications on your Tablet and find USB Debugging Connected notifications to ensure the two devices are connected well.

5. Now the last step, go running Fire Toolbox.

1. On the PC, install the Fire Toolbox by double-clicking on the downloaded Fire Toolbox installer (something like FTB_Vxx.x_Installer.exe where the “xx.x" is a version number)

2. Once the Fire Toolbox is launched and follows the prompts to authorize your Amazon Device. This includes looking for a notification seeking your permission about the connection. Select Always Allow from this computer and then click OK.

Take note that the process does not remain the same for all versions of Amazon Tablet. The process might differ for the latest versions.

Modifications Possible On Amazon Tablet With Fire Toolbox 

Fire Toolbox helps you make some significant modifications to Amazon Tablet that suit your preferences. These include:

• Use the software keyboard you want

• Activate the Google Assistant

• Organize installed Amazon apps

• Manage the lock screen apps

• Organize hybrid apps

• Regulate screen display density

• Set personalized sounds

Which Fire Device Can Be Used From Amazon Tablet With Fire Toolbox

Amazon tablet with Fire Toolbox works seamlessly with nearly all versions of Fire devices. If you own an Amazon tablet of 2014 or later, it must be referred to either as Fire or Fire HD, and you can rest assured that Fire Toolbox is compatible and can be utilized on all models.

So the range of devices compatible with your Amazon tablet with Fire Toolbox includes:

• Amazon Fire 7 (2022)

• Amazon Fire 10/10+ (2021)

• Amazon Fire 8/8+ (2020)

• Amazon Fire 10 (2019)

• Amazon Fire 7 (2019)

• Amazon Fire 8 (2018)

• Amazon Fire 10 (2017)

• Amazon Fire 8 (2017)

• Amazon Fire 7 (2017)

• Amazon Fire HD8 (2016)

• Amazon Fire HD10 (2015)

• Amazon Fire HD8 (2015)

• Amazon Fire HD7 (2015)

• Amazon Fire HD7 (2014)

• Amazon Fire HD6 (2014)

• For versions older than 2014, other such tools are available. But these are not updated any longer.

• Other tools are available to customize older Amazon Fire tablets; however, these are no longer maintained.

• Also, the method put in to install Fire Toolbox differs with the year of release of your Amazon Fire Tablet. For tablets launched before 2018, a method is simpler and shorter than those released thereafter.

How Can I Utilize To Personalize My Fire Amazon Tablet With Fire Toolbox

Using Fire Toolbox, making customizations to your Amazon Tablet is easy. Within a few steps, you can make changes to the device.

Do Away With Lockscreen Apps On Amazon Fire

1. Select Lockscreen Management out of the options provided on the Fire toolbox interface to do away with the Lockscreen Apps

2. Move to select the Remove Lockscreen Ads option. A warning message will appear telling about the repercussions of this step, read it before moving ahead.

3. Now click Execute Tool option if you wish to get rid of ads.

Regulate Google Services Using Fire Toolbox

Using Fire Toolbox means granting liberty to install Google Play. It helps you manage your accounts and make space by clearing cache and redundant data. Follow to steps to install Google Play.

1. Launch Fire Toolbox.

2. Select the Manage Google Services option.

3. Now select the Install Play Services option.

4. Once the downloading process is complete, sign into the Google Play service or you can click on Add Account option to add a new account.

Install Netflix and Disney+

Fire Toolbox offers the capability to sideload popular streaming video applications like Netflix and Disney+ onto your Amazon Fire tablet without the need for Amazon registration.

1. Select the Hybrid Apps option from the long menu. 

2. Now enter the name of the app you wish to have on the Fire tablet.

3. Then click the download button and the install button once the process is complete

Gain Remote Access To Fire Tablet Using ADB

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) allows remote access to any connected Android devices, including Amazon Fire tablets. By installing Fire Toolbox, the process of accessing ADB becomes effortless; saving you time and eliminating the potential frustrations typically associated with its setup. Follow the below-given steps to learn how to use it.

1. Open Fire Toolbox. 

2. Choose the option for ADB Shell.

This will grant you command line access to your Android device, enabling you to browse its contents using standard instructions for the Windows command prompt. Additionally, you can utilize this feature to execute scripts, which is essentially what occurs behind the scenes when you make tweaks within Fire Toolbox.

This guide has thoroughly covered everything about how to personalize your Amazon Tablet with Fire Toolbox. However, if you encounter any obstacles along the way; rest assured that online experts are available round the clock to provide assistance.

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How To Personalize Your Amazon Tablet With Fire Toolbox
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