Amazon Kindle and Sony are the big players in the arena of the digital world. While the market gets flooded with e-books and it has been difficult for the readers to figure out the best one which can meet their demands. The Kindle from Amazon and the e-reader from Sony are aesthetic and ergonomic. The competition between these two devices is nail-biting. Both devices are incorporated with all advanced technology moreover leaving no stone unturned to attract e-readers. Both these gadgets are sold globally. In order to have a monopoly in the market, both gadgets are keeping an eye on the latest technology so that they cannot be turned obsolete.  Before buying gadgets for reading purposes, e-readers must go through this comparison between Amazon Kindle VS Sony E-Reader.

Head To Head Comparison Between Amazon Kindle And Sony E-Reader

Both gadgets are integrated with cutting-edge technology, therefore; they are being sold like hot cakes in the market. However there are a few downsides to these two devices, according to their preferences, the e-readers must buy e-books.

• With the Sony device, the keyboard cannot be connected while the kindle is incorporated with a keyboard.  

• The size of the kindle is 7.5”x4.8×0.335” which is greater than the Sony e-reader. 

• The weight of the Amazon kindle is 8.5 ounces which are more than the Sony e-reader. 

• Amazon kindle allows its users to use a 3 G and Wi-Fi connection so that books can be downloaded over the internet; the good thing about this device is this it can be used in many countries due to 3 G for free. While the Sony e-book is not incorporated with 3 G only it can be connected with Wi-Fi. It means if you are on the beachside, you cannot use your gadget.    

• Kindle has a long battery life which lasts for around one month if Wi-Fi is turned off, you can do a regular reading without charging. Sony e-reader can survive only 22 days if Wi-Fi is turned off otherwise the average life of the battery is 10 days. Kindle is leading over Sony again. 

• Both devices are having similar features like E-ink technology that allows them to read on gadgets in the brightest sunlight. Due to this technology, the eye strain can be reduced to the lowest level. 

• Kindle comes with 4 GB memory that can have thousands of books in your hands. One of the most talked-about drawbacks of the kindle is this memory cannot be expanded. Whereas, the memory of Sony e-reader can be expanded up to 32 GB with the help of micro SDcards. The gadget of Sony is compatible with microSD cards.

• The resolution of the kindle is 758x1024px which is better than Sony that comes with 800×600 px.

• In terms of color, kindle does not seem to be nice because it is available only in grayscale rather Sony comes with all the vivacity of color.

With the help of this post, it becomes easy for e-readers to select the best one which can be the right value for their money. However, you find it difficult to pick an e-book; you can contact Kindle.Com/Support the experts who can guide you to buy the best and the latest e-books.

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Amazon Kindle VS Sony E-Reader: In-depth Comparison
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