Kindle is an e-reader of Amazon that is well-known for its innovative technology, and it keeps on adding new features with every updation. Therefore, the users of kindle keep waiting anxiously for kindle update.  A much-awaited demand is to put book cover as Amazon kindle screensaver so that it can prevent others from viewing content which you are reading. Now, kindle has decided to add this feature to its device so, the cover of the book can be showed as amazon kindle screensaver.

At first, putting cover on Amazon kindle screensaver arrived in the United States. But only new kindles are supportable to this new feature and also supports many books, comic and magazines.

Kindle has a long series of products with kindle has something new and innovative. This function is not supportable for all sorts of kindles; e-reader must belong to 8th generation onwards. If kindle paperwhite belongs to 7th generation and it is also supportable. This function is also available in Kindle Oasis or Voyage. This device rolled out in 2015.

The first thing which the users must know about kindle is its version, and it is very important points to be aware of.  This novelty is not compatible with all the versions of the kindle.

For the purpose of utilizing this function, the software of kindle must be updated; in general, updating is done automatically. Here are a few steps to update your kindle. At first, you must go to the homepage of the kindle, and then move to settings when you reach to the settings, you will find three dots on the right corner of the kindles’ screen and click on it, after clicking on it, you will check whether the option like “update your kindle” is available. Now, you can click on it if it is available.

The announcement of putting cover as Amazon kindle screensaver was done by Amazon in very unusual manner. No need to get confused, because the kindle of your friend has this function but it may be missing in your kindle.

How To Add Cover On Your Amazon Kindle Screensaver?

1.    Go to the home screen of Amazon’s kindle, the first thing which you need to opt is to click on the three dots which are situated on the right side. This process will lead you to the menu and later on click on the “settings”.
2.    Under the settings, you will find “device options” to choose.
3.     After that, you will find show cover as a first option. If it exists in your kindle, you will be prompted to click on activate it.

Adding this function on your kindle will lead your kindle to show book cover which you are reading.

Kindle are available in many generations, recently 10th generation of kindle has been launched with the most updated features, and the screen size of this kindle gives the feel of the book. To put cover on Amazon kindle screensaver has been one more feature that keeps reminding you about the reading content.  If you need more information about this function, you can look for Kindle Support; they can help you resolve your issue.         

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How To Put Book Covers On Amazon Kindle Screensaver?
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