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Amazon earns a tag of being a pioneer in the online market and giving an edge over its competitors. Most of the accessories or belongings are available on the website of Amazon. Amazon has covered most of the products which are associated with our life. The kindle which was rolled out by Amazon seeing the success of this device, a series of kindle has been rolled one after another, the key reason for launching a series of kindle is to keep adding new technology in order to overcome shortcomings faced by its readers. The rolling of this device has created a revolution in the arena of e-books, which comes with advanced features which make it more popular than other e-readers. However, it has a few shortcomings encountered by its users, but one of the most common technical issues is its inside feature that makes this device unresponsive.  In this blog, the users will learn how to resolve this issue or get further support at Kindle Fire Support.

The best part of Amazon kindle is this it boasts the feature of preview that can allow its users to access a few starting pages of the book before buying. This feature gives an extra edge to the kindle as it gives an opportunity to get an insight into the books to decide the print and colors of the page, and it gives a sense of completeness to its readers while reading an e-book.

Fans of kindle can find their favorite books on the Amazon kindle store, with the title of a mine of e-books. 

Amazon Kindle look inside feature is enabled with the software that allows its users to go through a few pages of the e-books so that they can reach to decisive point to buy or not.  A bibliophile is having two options to buy the books either physical or e-books. A physical book can be purchased via the Amazon website or e-books can be purchased via kindle. An E-book provides a better experience than a hard copy of the book.

Amazon Kindle Look Inside Feature Not Working

Recently, preview a book encountered by its users, it stops serving its purpose of which it is known. It has been just an icon. You can click on the preview to book icon, but it does not open. Many users take this issue to the community to find the solution.

The occurrence of this error happens due to the browser or fire tablet worked. At a point, it stops supporting both browser and fire tabled.  The preview of the book varies from time to time, some time the preview of the books works for the browser, and it did not work with the fire tablet. The same thing is done with tablets but it does not with browsers. In a conclusion, this problem can be generated in both browsers and fire tablets.

The users of the kindle access to Amazon customer support but they could not get a positive response in terms of this issue.  Practically, the issue which is related to the hardware is entertained by the customer support which is given by Amazon, in terms of the software they take lightly.  In the end, the users get disappointment into their hands.

Here are a few of the steps which need to be followed by its users to fix this issue are given below.  This issue is dedicated to the browser only.

In Terms Of Chrome Browser

• At first, you reach the start button of your system and then open chrome browser. 

• On the top of the right corner of the kindle, you will find there dots to click. 

• Under three dots, you will find more tools to click.

• Now, select the clear browsing data

• At the top, select the time range, now move to select the all-time.

• Examine the boxes next to Cookies and other site data“and “Cached images and files”. 

• And then clear “data”

• Now, restart the browser.      

For Mozilla Firefox

• Now, click “ menu button “ and then select “settings”

• Select “privacy and security panel”

• Go to the site data section under the cookies, after that click ”clear data” 

• After checking both boxes, click “clear”

• Restart your browser.

The above-given steps will help you to other browsers as well like Safari.

The amazon kindle look inside feature in reference to the browser can be fixed by way of executing the above-given steps which do not take time. However, you struggle to fix this issue; you can get customer support remotely.

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Amazon Kindle Look Inside Feature Not Responsive In 2021
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