Learn What To Do If Amazon Kindle Do Not Connect To Wi-Fi

Amazon Kindle owners find it hard when their devices are not connected to Wi-Fi. It happens due to many reasons, such as the Kindle device being in flying mode, the software not being updated, etc. If Amazon Kindle do not connect to Wi-Fi, its users can neither purchase and download e-content nor synchronize any Kindle content. This issue can be resolved without getting support from kindle fire help experts. This post comes with complete information that will guide you to overcome these issues with ease. In order to resolve this issue, one needs to follow the below-given methods. 

Put Your Kindle Nearby Wi-Fi Router

In case of putting your Kindle too far away from the Wi-Fi Router, your Kindle device will have problems with the internet connection; therefore, you must put your Kindle nearby Wi-Fi Router. One of the most important things is to keep away your Kindle from refrigerators, walkie-talkies, baby monitors, microwaves, ovens, and many more devices. All these interfering devices consume high Wi-Fi bandwidth. Despite taking all these precautions, you still face Wi-Fi connection issues; go for another method to resolve this amazon kindle do not connect to Wi-Fi issue. 

Keep Airplane Mode Off

Many Kindle users to increase their battery life turn on the airplane mode of their Kindle device while reading content offline. But they forget to turn off the Airplane mode. If you turn on the airplane mode of your Kindle device, it means your Kindle device will not be connected to Wi-Fi. Here are the steps that will help you turn off the airplane mode of your device. 

• Go to the home screen of the Kindle device and swipe down on it and access the Quick Actions menu. 

• And then, locate the Airplane mode “icon and hit” on it to turn it off. 

Both Restart Kindle And Wi-Fi Router

By way of restarting kindle helps you overcome minor issues as well as software bugs that not let your amazon kindle do not connect to Wi-Fi. You not only restart your Kindle but also your Wi-Fi Router when facing this issue. 

Here Are The Steps That Will Help You Restart Your Kindle. 

• Both pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. 

• Soon, you will find the power dialog box on the screen. 

• Click on “Restart”.

• Leave your device alone until the device reboots. 

If you do not find the power menu on the screen, while it goes black, you need to perform the below given steps. 

• Both Press and hold the power button of the Kindle for 40 seconds. 

• Soon, the Kindle device will restart by default.

Connect Your Kindle Manually To Wi-Fi

Sometimes due to a glitch in the network, your amazon kindle do not connect to wi-fi. At this point, you must connect your device manually to the Wi-Fi executing the below-given points. 

• Go to the home screen of the Kindle and scroll down until you find either the settings or All Settings option. 

• Now, Navigate to “Wi-Fi & Bluetooth”

• Hit on “Wi-Fi Networks”

• After that select your network and click on “Forget”. 

• One more time select your network and enter the “Password”. 

• Click on “Connect”. 

• Wait until the connection is established.

Change From The 5 Ghz Band To 2.4 Ghz

The Kindle which was launched before 2021 does not support 5 GHz bands; therefore, one needs to change from 5 GHz Band to 2.4 GHz. The following steps are going to help you change from 5 GHz Band to 2.4 GHz. 

• Navigate to the admin dashboard of your router. 

• After that you can go to the Wireless settings and Advanced.

• Find the Wireless band option and select 2.4 GHz. 

• Save the “Settings”.

• Using the same admin panel, reboot your router.

• As soon as the process of rebooting the router gets over, exit the dashboard. 

• Now, connect your Kindle device to Wi-Fi. 

• If your device gets connected to the Wi-Fi, you can change the Wi-Fi band to 5GHz again, this time; you should avoid rebooting the rooter. 

Update Your Kindle Device To The Latest Software Version

By way of updating the Kindle software, various software issues are fixed automatically, and your Kindle starts working smoothly by this the glitch of amazon kindle do not connect to wi-fi will solve as well. 

Here are the steps that will help you update your Kindle. 

• To begin with, start “your PC” and open “a Browser”. 

• After that, access the “Kindle E-Reader Software Updates” page. 

• Now, Download the “Latest Update”. 

• With the help of your changing cable, connect your PC to Kindle. 

• Thereafter, you will drag and drop the file that you downloaded onto your Kindle drive from your PC. 

• Now, disconnect your PC from the Kindle. 

• Go to the home screen of the Kindle and navigate and hit the “three-dotted vertical menu” icon. 

• Click on “Settings”

• Click on Menu one more time and select “Update your Kindle”. 

• Click “OK”. 

• Soon, there will be a message on the screen like “Your Kindle is Updating”. 

• Wait until your Kindle software is updated and connect to your device to Wi-Fi one more time. 

Connect Your Kindle To The Hotspot Of Your Smartphone

Despite making all the above-given steps, your amazon kindle do not connect to Wi-Fi; you must use the Wi-Fi hotspot of your mobile.

Learn how to connect the hotspot to your Kindle device: 

• Turn on your mobile and go to its settings option. 

• Click on the “Hotspot” menu. 

• Now, Turn on the “Hotspot”. 

• After that, access the settings of your Kindle and click “Wi-Fi & Bluetooth”. 

• Next, click on “Wi-Fi Networks”, soon this process the new networks. 

• Click on the “Personal Hotspot” network. 

• Finally, enter the “password” and click on “Connect”. 

• If the connecting Wi-Fi issue to your Kindle is still persisting, you can perform a factory reset of your device. Make sure Factory Reset Kindle must be performed at last. 

Factory Reset Of Your Kindle

Before performing a factory reset of your device, you must sync your data with your Amazon account, otherwise, you will lose all of your files. 

Here are the steps to perform the factory reset of your Kindle. 

• Go to the settings option and device option. 

• click “Reset” or “Reset Device”

• Click on “Yes” which is on the next prompt.

• Wait until the resetting of your Kindle reboots. 

• Connect to “your Wi-Fi network” now. 

Facing Wi-Fi issues with your kindle is a very common glitch that can be resolved after reading the post with ease. However, if you come across any problem like amazon kindle do not connect to Wi-Fi; you can get support from online experts who are available around the clock. 

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Learn What To Do If Amazon Kindle Do Not Connect To Wi-Fi
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