Amazon is enabled with many features. Amazon household is one of them, which allows its users to share its benefits with the entire family which includes two adults (their age must be more than 18 years old), and four teens, as well as four children’s profiles, must be connected with the household. This post can be a tutorial that will guide you on how to create a household account in a minute. Every aspect has been covered in an easy manner. In this post, nothing has been shrouded. Therefore, go through this post cautiously.

Both Adults Need To Be 18 Or Up:

Both adults can use their household to share their digital content; if they come in the list of prime members then they can get the prime benefits.

Four Teens Must Be Between 13 To 17 Years:

Teens can have their own Amazon login that allows them to shop or stream digital content, but they need to get approval from their parents via simple text message.  In addition, teens can get the best use of a number of prime benefits if their parents are Amazon prime members.

Four Children Of 12 Years Or Less

Parents can join their 4 children in the household only if children are less than 12 years and they can have parental control on their kindle readers or fire tables via kindle free time.  Parents can keep a check on the digital content their children are watching or reading moreover they can decide on the access to digital content which children should get or not. Also, kids are not allowed to shop. On the way around, their parents have control over their devices remotely.

The Prime Benefits For The Prime Customers

• On prime reload, prime members, get a 2% reward.

• Prime members can have streaming access to Amazon prime video.

• It offers an opportunity to share Amazon pictures and albums. 

• Prime members can have unlimited listening on audio channels. 

• New books are provided free to its prime members.

• It offers more than 1000 books or magazines for its customers at no extra charge as a part of prime reading. 

• Amazon lightning deals can be used by its prime members at first.

Family Library Is Used For Sharing Digital Content

• Family library is one of the easiest ways to share apps and many games, share-e-books, audiobooks on kindle, and different sorts of Amazon devices as well as media apps.  

• The digital content which is available on adult accounts can be shared to four children profile.  

How To Create An Amazon Household Account?

For the purpose of sharing prime benefits and a family library with one more adult or four teens or four children, you can create an Amazon Household. Here are a few steps required to accomplish this task:

• The first step is to sign in to your Amazon Account.

• Take your cursor on “ account& lists, under your name, look at the right upper side of the Amazon homepage     

• Now, click on “your account.”  

• The next step is to scroll down to the” shopping programs and rentals” box and then click on “Amazon household”.

• Thereafter, click on “add adult”.

• For the second adult sign, you can send email invitation and signup together in order to verify account.  

• Setup an Amazon household with teens, you can click on add a teen send email invitation to your teens; they must accept their parents invitation to setup their teen login.

• Setup an Amazon household with kids , you can click on add and child 

• After that, you need to pick your content to share in your household.   

How To Leave Amazon Household?

Here are the steps which are needed to be followed to leave Amazon household.

• You are supposed to move to manage your household.

• Below your adult option or  your name 

• Now, select the leave option.   

As soon as you leave the Amazon household, you will be unable to share your content with your kids and teens, only you can enjoy your prime benefits.

This post is dedicated to creating a household account. Despite going through this post, you will not be able to create a household account; you can get help from the Kindle Tech Support team which is an expert in solving any issue in no time.

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How To Create Amazon Household Account With In A Minute
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