Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet

Amazon Fire Max 11 gives an extra edge over its contemporary competitors and comes with a large screen and a keyboard. Writing on a glass screen gives a traditional look, therefore; it is a better idea to write using a keyboard. A large screen is a handy feature that helps a lot to watch movies while being in the office, at home, or on the go.  Since it has been launched on the market is selling like a hot cake, and it is available at the price of $ 329.99 with accessories if you decide to buy it without supplements, you can buy it at the price of $ 299.99 through the www kindle com support

The Amazon Fire Max 11 has got a metal chassis with a keyboard case and is enabled with an eight-megapixel camera in the bezel which is on the long edge of the screen. The power button of the Fire Tablet is incorporated with a fingerprint screener. The Amazon Fire Max 11 has plastic backs with cases which makes it more beautiful than the previous Fire Tablet. 

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is enabled with an LCD screen that has 2000x 1200 resolutions with punchy colors along with wide viewing angles. It is good enough for both any indoor environment and outdoors in the shade. The keyboard of this device has a magnet to the bottom which is powered by the tablet.  But there is a drawback as it is not supported by Bluetooth pairing or separate charging. The keys of the keyboard work decently.

The bright side of this keyboard is that it has a USI 2.0 Pointer with a button on the side which helps its users to write smoothly. Moreover, it gives a feel of the Apple Pencil on an iPad. But the hardware of the Amazon is not as robust as the iPad pencil. 

The Amazon Fire Max 11 comes with an eight-core MediaTek processor which makes it more advanced than its predecessor. It is both snappier and quicker to respond than other tablets. One can also stream 4K video in the browser which was not possible on the predecessors’ device.

The Amazon Fire Max 11 runs on the same Fire OS which is similar to its lineup. No improvement was done in its software which creates a negative image of it. The lock screen has an ad which can be removed by paying extra$15. The Amazon Fire Max 11 is able to split-screening between two but other tweaks and multi-tasking cannot be found on it like Android tablets. Moreover, one cannot find an app dock, a quick launch tray, and no pop-up windows. The home screen of this device has a lot of content to buy from its Amazon store which makes its users tired and gives spammy-feeling. Apart from basic folders, configurable widgets, and news feeds are missing in it.

Amazon has its own app store which is known as the apps store, but there are many prominent apps missing in it, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Chrome, Google Docs, Google Meet, and many more apps. If you love drawing on it, the Max 11 is not good for you as there are no popular art apps, such as Sketchbook, Infinite Painter, and Clip Studio Paint in the Amazon store of Amazon. If your work depends upon Microsoft’s apps, like Word and Teams, the Amazon Fire Max 11 is going to be one of the best devices for you.  

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is an ideal Fire Tablet for any group of age as it is enabled with easy navigation. If you need more information about it, you can contact the online experts who will assist you around the clock. 

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