Parents look forward to getting devices for their kids which should be kids friendly so that they will not find it hard to operate. In this scenario, the market is flooded with devices that can fill the vacuum in their life. But selecting a device for kids is one of the most difficult works for the parents. Amazon fire kids edition tablets seem to be one of the most leading devices for kids that are incorporated with advanced technology, and it is not easy to defeat Amazon’s fire tablets because it is very cheap as compared to iPad.

Amazon kids edition comes with many additional advantages including a kid-friendly case, library apps games, and e-books which is a part of the free subscription. Therefore, you do not need to spend an extra amount on content for your kids. For kids who have no siblings, this device can be the best choice. Amazon fire kids edition is considered a modified version of Android. It is connected to the app store of Amazon directly, not with Google play store. The digital books that kids want to be read can find in Amazon’s kindle library and in the educational apps which are available on the Amazon App Store and also on Kindle Support.

Amazon Kids Edition Tablets Are At A Glance

Amazon rolls out a series of fire kids editions for kids to enjoy e-readers. Amazon kids edition is available in two groups which depend on age; the kid’s version is convenient between 3-7 years, and the pro versions are suitable for school-aged children. Both versions are designed with an easy interface.

• Amazon Fire 7 Kids

• Amazon Fire 7 Kids Pro

• Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids

• Amazon HD 8 Kids Pro

• Amazon HD Fire 10 Kids

• Amazon HD Fire 10 Kids Pro 

Does Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet Have Different Hardware?

In general, the Amazon fire kids version tablet runs only on older hardware. No major change has been noticed so far. Only minor changes have been made like the kid version comes with a sturdy protective case, and the kids pro is available with the slimmer case. In general, these two features are missing in normal fire tablets.     

Is Amazon Fire Kids Edition Good Tablet?

No doubt, it is one of the most convenient tables for the kids. Your kids can go through all the renowned content such as Harry Potte, Spongebob Squarepants, Star Wars Animations, Mr.Men, and PJ Masks, and so on. Enough content is available on Amazon’s app store. So your kids can cheer up all day.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Is Enabled With Parental Control

The parent’s dashboard is enabled with enough features that can protect your kids to go through age-restricted content. Parents can set the screen time for their kids so that they cannot use it for more than time decided beforehand, and parents can set the age filter too.

Amazon fire kids edition tablet is such a great option for the parents to give an opportunity to their kids to read e-books or comics without maintaining a library at home. Kids can enjoy this device under the control of their parents.  Owing to these features, millions of parents have bought this device for their kids.

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Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet Makes Kids Sophisticated
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