Alexa on Kindle Fire

For users of Amazon echo or other Alexa enabled devices, perhaps, you listen to daily headlines of your choice. But have you heard that Alexa has many things to offer? Yes, it’s specially designed to uplift your daily activities, from online shopping to photo-sharing with families or friends. For exclusive access, be a certified prime member. Since the introduction to the market, Alexa is known to offer voice shopping. How does it work? With a Prime membership, you can ask Alexa to do shopping for you. Of course, as a consumer, your biggest concern can be the millions of Prime-eligible items on Amazon. Worry no more! This stuff will make everything much easier.

Alexa’s amazing features go beyond convenient shopping. You can also get exclusive deals by asking a simple question. Within a snap, Alexa provides a list of great offers with exact prices. Not only that, there’s more. You can play a song of your option, track packages, display your photos, order a meal, find a recipe for your daily meal, get a fast workout routine, keep in touch with family members, watch intense movies, and a lot more.

Alexa App For Kindle Fire Tablet

If you love watching TV shows or listening music on your Kindle Fire, Alexa can be a great help for you. You can watch hundreds of shows from Amazon Prime Video or listen to millions of songs just by giving a voice command. Alexa App should be preinstalled on your device still if you cannot find it, follow these steps to enable Alexa on Kindle Fire Table:

  1. Swipe down on Home screen and go to Apps page.
  2. Search for Alexa and Download it.
  3. It will be installed Automatically and added to your Home screen.
  4. Now go to your Home screen and Launch the App.
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to finish setup.
Amazon Alexa on Kindle Fire

How to Use Alexa on Kindle Fire Tablet

You can  use Alexa on Kindle Fire in  many ways, here are some of the most popular ones. Kindly note that if you have parental controls enabled, Alexa might not work for you as it does not support child profiles.

Kindle Hands Free Feature

With the help of Alexa, Kindle Fire HD 10 or above can be used in completely hands free mode. If you are using a older Kindle, you might need to update firmware to get this feature. Follow these steps to enable Hands Free mode on Kindle Fire Table:

  1. On the Home screen, tap on the gear icon.
  2. Go to device and then tap on Alexa.
  3. Enable Hands Free mode.
  4. Say “Alexa" to try it.

Read Kindle Books

Amazon has launched Audio Books long ago, if you have some of them on your Kindle Fire, Alexa can read them for you, just say “Alexa, Play the Audio Book". Alexa can also read other Kindle eBooks in digital voice, just say “Alexa, Pay the Kindle Book". There are other commanded as well to enhance your experience like “Alexa, Read Louder" and “Alexa, Next Chapter", you can use them anytime.

Alexa Show Mode

If you are a bit away from your Kindle, you can enable Show Mode. It will make the voice louder and font larger so that you can read it from a distance. To enable show mode just say “Alexa, Turn on Show Mode", that’s it.

Common Problems in Using Alexa on Kindle Fire Tablet

As with Alexa, the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet has a ton of benefits to offer. Aside from the ease of use, it is specially catered to reach all your needs. However, there are no such things as flawless tablets. Kindle Fire has different problems that can be a huge hassle. Good news. There are ways to solve them. Take a close look at the following.

Massive Battery Drain

For years, Kindle Fire owners reported an unexplained battery drain issue. Fortunately, there are various things to troubleshoot this issue. You just need to press and hold the power button until the device starts. If this doesn’t work, uninstall the app and install it again.

The app keeps crashing or won’t load

Most of the time, an app in your Kindle Fire tablet shows a problem while loading or crashing, which can give you a headache. But don’t stress yourself with that. Go to Settings, click Apps & Games, and then click Manage All App. After that, clear the cache. Another solution is to uninstall the app and don’t forget to restart your device to reinstall your application.

Purple Haze on the Screen

Other users also face purple haze near the edges on the screen. Sometimes, people solve the problem themselves. Don’t try to do that. It’s always best to contact Kindle Support right away. Other issues are overheating, silk browser crashing, etc. For effective solutions, please feel free to visit Amazon. It provides useful information you can use.

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How To Use Alexa on Your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet
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John pulman

How do I add my Amazon Fire to the Alexa App? I have Alexa App on my Fire, but when I try to continue playing an album via the App it only gives me the option to play on my Echo of “everywhere”


I’m concerned that a kindle fire cover contained a magnetic which destroyed my LGG4 . I placed the device on top of the casedKF and zap both items went on the blink Upon powering a new 8th gen KF the customization onfiguration of apps fm a cellular device hotspot went awry. I realized each download which was meant to be new app in KF was being installed on my wireless device. Brand new wireless device! Thetr are too many issues with Alexa . From remotely taking all of my pH contacts…to stuck on telling time. It was a gift the… Read more »


What does it mean on Alexa on Kindle Fire. ‘ No supported devices available ‘ when I ask her to read a book?. I’ve had the kindle for ages but no idea what to do with Alexa.Many thanks.


How do I add my wireless HP printer to my Amazon Fire 10 tablet that’s connected to my Internet service?


Can you get road trip directions using Alexa on the Kindle Fire? (Like Siri )

Gary Nelson

Can you replace a broken glass on Kindle fire 8 inch how much would it cost. What is the procedure of so.


how do we stop alexa and go back to main menu

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