Learn How To Add Mobi Files To The Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle, an Amazon product, is used to download files from different browsers, and when it comes to the format, the kindle fire format is one of the most common e-book formats. Apart from the kindle fire format, other formats can be used on kindle. In this blog, e-readers can learn how to add Mobi files to the kindle. But kindle users have to follow some steps to add Mobi files on this device. Once kindle becomes Mobi files friendly, the digital content which is available in Mobi files can be opened on kindle easily.   

Downloading Mobi files from the Amazon library directly is not possible for kindle users. It has a few ways, such as using a USB cable, via mail, and through Amazon’s send to kindle app, or using amazon kindle device support to add Mobi files to the kindle. In order to use Amazon’s send to kindle app, the users have to complete the process and a few steps that will resolve this issue with ease.

Mode 1: Add Mobile Files To The Kindle Fire By Using Send To Kindle App

For the purpose of add Mobi files to the kindle, Amazon has designed a special application which is known as the “send to kindle app”. By way of using this app, you can send any digital content including articles, blogs newsletters, and any sort of text from any browser, android device, Mac, and email. But you need to have Google Chrome 22.0 version or higher. Now, the following steps will help.

• First and foremost, you must move to the Google Chrome web store. 

• And then, you make the search for “Send to Kindle from Google Chrome”.

• Now, you will be prompted to click on the “add to chrome” blue color button.

• Thereafter, you can select the “add extension” on the pop-up window.

• You need to search for Mobi files that you want to send to the kindle.

• The next step will be to click on the “send to kindle” icon which is situated in the top right corner of the browser. 

• After following this step, the Mobi file will be available on your kindle. The browser extension which is used by you will be compatible with an android, kindle app, and iPhone too.   

Mode 2: Email Can Help Us To Add Mobi Files To The Kindle

If you are unable to recall or find your kindle email, you do need to create panic, just you need to go through the below-given steps that will help to add Mobi files to the kindle. 

1. At first, you will be prompted to open your browser to find Amazon. 

2. Thereafter, you will find an option to sign into your account.

3. At the upper right corner of your device screen, you will find “accounts & lists” to select.

4. After that, you will scroll down until you will find the option of “digital content and devices”

5. You need to click on “Manage content and devices”

6. Now, go to the next page, and you will find the “preferences” option on the next page. 

7. Thereafter, move to “personal document settings”

8. Now, you will move to the “send to kindle e-mail settings” under this option, you will find your kindle e-mail address. 

Note: After that, you will have your kindle email address, during the next step, your kindle will be able to accept the files from your email address.  

9. You will be asked to scroll down till you find the “ approved personal document e-mail list” 

10. Thereafter, select the “add a new approved e-mail address” tab.

11. Write your email address

12. Thereafter, you will need to click on the “add address button”

As the above-given process is done, you can send your Mobi file to kindle fire. Make sure the Mobi file must be downloaded on your computer, here are a few steps.

• Now, open your email address

• Go to compose a new email address 

• Being a recipient, you must type your kindle’s email address.

• During the next step, you must attach the mobile to your email address.

• Now, send the mail.

After that, you will receive a mail which is sent by Amazon kindle support in terms of confirming you add Mobi files to the kindle.  In the case of sending a Mobi file by attaching it to the email, it does not require adding a subject or text. Transferring Mobi files to Kindle takes a couple of minutes. As this process is completed, you will find Mobi files either in the documents or book format.

Mobi files can be transferred on the kindle in many ways which have been explained above. By way of going through this blog, if you find it hard to add Mobi files to the kindle, you can get support from the experts who will help you.     

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Learn How To Add Mobi Files To The Kindle Fire Tablet
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