Kindle is widely-known for its smart and sophisticated yet easy-to-deal-with features in its consumer circle. It’s a leading device in the sphere of e-reading. All the out of the box features which are added with each upgraded version makes it more reader-friendly consequently making it a cut above the rest of other e-reading devices. This is the main factor behind why readers buy this device without giving it a second thought. One of the many distinctive features this handheld device holds is 1 click payment in kindle. The procedure of making the payment is as easy as a walk in the garden hence it distinguishes itself from many other modes of online payment which are tough to execute. The moment you connect your Amazon Kindle to an Amazon account and want to make a payment using a credit card then this can be done within 1 click. Also, this is extremely safe and secure.

In order to execute this process, the users need to follow a few steps which are given and help you set up 1 click payment in kindle.

Step 1:

• The first step is to open kindle sign-in in your browser and thereafter you move to sign-in to your Amazon Kindle account.
• The second step is to log –in to get into your Amazon account.
• As soon as you are finished with the second step you will be able to manage the kindle page.

Step 2:

• As you find access to manage the kindle page, you will find three tabs like your devices, your settings, and your content.
• After that, you can click on setting options, and thereafter move to select it.
• Just move to click on edit payment settings for one-click, now, you can pick the payment settings in the setting options.

Step 3:

• As you enter the payment settings, you can browse all your available cards.
• After that, you can make 1 click payment in kindle, you can make use of any existing cards pr and you can add a new one if the card is not available.
• At the time of filling in card details, you can select an existing card or a new card.

Step 4:

• After choosing and adding a card, you go to decide the payment option, thereafter; press the tap which is accessible on the yellow key to continue.
• This button is available on the right side of the page.
• After that you will have to write all details of your billing address, later, press the tab to continue.
• As you have done all these changes, you will be able to make 1 click payment in kindle

As soon as you make changes, you will be able to make 1 click payment in kindle. This article will surely help you to activate 1 click payment in kindle. Even after going through this article, you will it difficult, you can make a contact on Kindle Support Phone Number which is available around the clock to provide you technical support. The customer support team has a lot of experience to resolve this issue in no time.

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How To Setup 1 Click Payment On Kindle For Purchasing
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